icons? [15 Feb 2004 11:31pm]
mood   depressed

anyone want some free icons? take them. take them all.

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woo hoo! [13 Feb 2004 11:08am]
mood   sick

whoo avex finally posted samples from nanase and OLIVIA's new albums. sounds good. I am much too excited about the 18th. COME ON 18TH!

and now, back to being sick and being a woman. piss on both.
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nanase! [26 Jan 2004 11:54am]
mood   bouncy

I'm bored so I am making jpop posts :D yeah!

look at the cover of nanase's new album here (click on information) wow, it's so different then her usual covers, I like it. and check out the track list. I can't wait. yes, I am giddy now.

oh, and do you have to be a member of the avex point club to order here? because there is a nanase item I desperately want.

ok I will stop posting now. much love to you all!
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